How do I regain access to my in-app purchase?

Apple allows you to install in-app purchases again without charge as long as you use the same iTunes Apple ID account that you originally used to make the purchase.
They do have the menu's set up slightly confusing however.

First you will see, "Confirm Your In-App Purchase," press Buy.

Then a pop-up will appear saying, "You've already purchased this. Tap OK to download it again for free." Press OK.

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Does Golfplan support left-handed users?

Definitely! When you select Left Handed in Golfshot the videos will correspond to provide tips for issues you are encountering.

The videos are still of Paul Azinger (who is right handed) however the tips and suggestions are the same for the issues that you specified.

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How do you enter stats into Golfplan?

Scoring and stats are entered into Golfshot: Golf GPS and TOURCaddie and this data syncs into Golfplan seamlessly. Each time you launch Golfplan it will sync your Shotzoom account data in the background automatically and allow you to analyze your performance and recommend aspects of your game to work on. You cannot enter scores or stats directly into Golfplan.

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